Free Copies for Tournament Organizers

Get up to 5 free copies of Sumorbit to use for setups and to give away to top placing players or random entrants.

Organizers can receive 2 free keys prior to the event, and earn an additional key for each the following (3 maximum):

Streamed or recorded gameplay
Past broadcasts must be enabled for streams.
12+ entrants
Entrants that do not play at least one match are removed from the count.
5+ players fill the feedback form
Players must include a link to the bracket in their response.
Host a subsequent event
Earn an extra key for each additional tournament.
Register Your Event


What format should the bracket be?
Any format (eg. single elimination, double elimination, round robin) is acceptable. Random map selection is appropriate for beginner players, the recommended ruleset may be ignored.
I have not organized a tournament before, can I still apply?
You can apply, but may not receive keys until the event has concluded.
Can my tournament be played online?
No. Sumorbit does not have built in online multiplayer. Steam remote play is not consistent enough for competitions.
Can I try the game myself before organizing an event?
There is a free demo on Steam.

Recommended Competitive Ruleset

Matches are first to 3 game wins. Games are first to 3 round wins.

Game 1

The map is randomly selected.


Custom stats are allowed. This is because default characters are an arbitrary selection of stats to be canon, and are not intended to be more balanced than any other stat combination.

Any player may enforce blind character selection. For each team:

  • Players select their character stats without their opponents looking
  • Once set, players select the disconnect option from the ready actions menu to hide their character selection
  • Once all players are done, players press the join button and show their stats to their opponents

Game 2+

The winning team from the previous game cannot change their character stats.

The losing team may pick one of two options:

  • Change their character stats
  • Select a map to play on (Ready Actions -> Map Voting)