Use the right trigger button or left mouse button to grab using your moon. Grab an opponent to start depleting their health and increasing your own.
Use momentum to throw your opponent out of the ring.
You can grab your opponents moon, though if the grab portion isn’t high it won’t last long.


After being thrown you experience stun represented by a gray colored portion of your planet. You have limited movement and cannot grab in this state.
Stun time builds up from force experienced while being grabbed.


Grab the fabric of space to improve your movement options and speed.

Defence / Survival

You can buffer a grab out of stun by holding the grab button.
Grab space to protect yourself from huge bounce knockback.
Grab space to anchor yourself before your opponent grabs you.


You can hold a grab for the time represented by the bright pie portion of your moon.
Make sure to have your whole moon inside what you are grabbing to increase grab time.
Grabs last longer with less force on the moon.


Grab the sun to gain some extra health. You can't grab it for very long due to its high temperature.
Draining health from the sun reduces the size of the ring quickly.
Throw the sun to move the ring. The sun is heavy but continues to move once it gets going.


Use the left trigger button or space key to bounce your planet off of other objects. Bounce into opponents to send them flying.
The speed of your planet and overlap with your opponent increases the force and damage of the bounce.


You can bounce off of the ring to stay alive.
Be careful not to bounce too late on the outside of the ring.
Once the sun burns out and the ring gets too small you can no longer bounce off of it.


Bounce while an opponent's moon is inside your planet to stun them and parry potential grabs.
Bouncing off an object reduces stun quickly.
Being bounced on your planet reduces stun from bouncing your moon.
You can bounce off of an object while being grabbed to exert more force and break out faster.


Bounce off the ring for a speed boost to your movement.
You can bounce off of the sun to move the ring.


The time spent bouncing is represented mantle piece of your planet.
The time is increased the more health you have making it easier to bounce.
Start a bounce while touching an object for extra core bounce force.


Spin the left stick to spin your planet in the desired direction, or use the left shoulder button / Q key for counterclockwise and the right shoulder button / E key for clockwise spinning.
Your planet will experience extra movement force sideways to your movement direction that increases with spin speed.
The spin indicator will glow white when you're spinning the left stick fast enough for maximum spin speed.


You don't have much influence over your movement while in throw stun.
Use spinning as a form of directional influence to avoid going outside of the ring.
Spin using the left stick to keep your left index finger free to bounce.


Spin while grabbing an opponent to spin your moon (and their planet) instead of your planet.
Spin while being grabbed to break out faster.
Spin in the opposite direction to the opponent you are grabbing to prevent grab breaks.
Spin in the same direction as the opponent that's grabbing you to break out twice as fast.
The spin indicator will lengthen when your spin direction is effective and shorten when ineffective.


Use the left stick or WASD keys to move your planet.
Use the right stick or mouse movement to control your moon's orbit around your planet.


The objective is to deplete your opponent’s health.
Health is represented by the bright pie portion of your planet. The black portion shows health lost and white portion shows health gained.


A round finishes when all opponents have health depleted but one. A score satellite will be filled white for the player.
A game finishes when all score satellites are filled for the winning player.


The most efficient way to deplete health is to force your opponents out of the heliosphere (ring).
The rate of health depletion depends on the portion of your planet inside the ring.
The ring reduces in size as the game progresses and the sun loses power.
The ring shrinks faster if opponents are further away from each other.