Sol Arena

Our sun has shrunk to a white dwarf star. The solar system isn't big enough for all of the planets any more. Fight to be the last planet standing as the sun expends the last of its energy.

Aster Ring

An asteroid belt will force you out of the ring.

Alpha Centaurium

A binary star system closest to our solar system. The stars orbit each other and the rings shrink independently.

Gaia Battle Hole

A star orbiting the closest known black hole to our solar system. Touching it spells instant death.

Worm Holodrome

You can move and use wormholes to teleport yourself and other players/objects around the map.

Great Filter

You can't bounce off of the arena to survive, though you may be saved by the wormholes.


Bombs will explode if bounced, or on contact with planets when thrown. Explosions cause knockback, damage and stun.

Supernova Stadium

The star will grow and do damage when you touch it. After some time, it will explode in a supernova.

Orbital Portal

A wormhole pair orbits one star and teleports the other.

Singulari Trap

The black hole expands when devouring stars. You always bounce off of the orange ring. There is no escape.